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At Totum by TIFIN we believe in facts over feelings. For too long advisors have relied purely on the subjectivity of a client’s emotional risk preference rather than sound financially-driven risk capacity.  That is why we have invented a better way to QUANTIFY risk. 

Totum helps advisors show prospects and clients where they should invest by providing a Risk Band instead of just one number. This gives the advisor a better way to engage and articulate a client’s risk, the client gets greater peace of mind knowing this range is unique and personal to their finances, and our framework protects the advisors’ firm from arbitration down the line. 

Totum is a subsidiary of TIFIN. Founded by Dr. Vinay Nair, TIFIN is a holding company that conceives, creates and operates fintech companies in the areas of wealth management, investments, and personal finances. Its mission is to combine the power of investment intelligence, data science, and technology to make investing a more powerful driver of financial wellbeing. 


Totum by TIFIN is backed by a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and financial experts at TIFIN who understood traditional risk tools were not sufficient to meet the needs of today’s advisors and their clients.  

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